Performance Spectacular 043

Group 043 consists of: Michael Nelson, Ben Dance, Matthew Sutton, Brooke Cunningham, and Erin Collins.

Work Day 1 Accomplishments:

Decided on a concept

Analyzed the space

Photographed the space

Work Day 2 Accomplishments:

Executed the board


Added final touches

Our work time, though slightly productive, consisted much play. Michael and Ben worked vigorously on there computers, never looking away… ever. Matt, Brooke, and I cropped a picture of the renowned Max Robinson. We discovered the majestic qualities of the magnetic lasso and the eraser tool. Things I never knew.

Basically, what I have gained from this experience, is that I have a LONG way to go. As a first year, I know nothing compared to the rest of my group. I’ve never used photoshop or made a rendering on a computer. I was lost, but that is why I am here…. to learn. Being here, at The University of Tennessee in the Max_minimum competition, is an accomplishment. Though I couldn’t really bring any skills to the table, I could bring myself and my ideas, and that is at least a start.

Erin Collins

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